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Providing costing for recipes and POS related data entry facilities on a single platform

Cost Accounting & Business Management Solution

Cost of sales is the basic and main pillar of any business idea, any new business as well as established businesses need to have a foothold on the cost of their selling items. Recipes Costing Co. provides recipes costing facilities into client POS and help them grow based on the data we calculate of the things you create. Cost accounting is not the only job we provide, but ahead of all facilities related to POS. Please visit our services section to check full list.


Recipes Costing

Calculating cost of each recipes which included sub recipes, ingredients, complementry, condiments is one of the crucial services we provide to our clientele.

POS Software

Right software can lead to more success in the current competetive market and we help you select the correct system with full support with all required equipments.

Training and Manuals

Proper training to use POS software and recipes calculation to current and new employees should be given to avoid any crisis in the running business, we provide 100% training initially and manuals for future reference.

Support Services

Providing and suggesting for subsitute or cheaper ingredient for increase in the profitability, yearly maintenance contract, equipment suggetion (POS, supported printers, Tablets)

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